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PolicyMap: From Open Data to Impact

PolicyMap: From Open Data to Impact

Maggie McCullough, President, PolicyMap 215-574-5840

Video Transcript

Open data holds many promises.
A more transparent and accountable government.
A reduced data collection burden.
An easier way for nonprofits to use data more effectively.

But making data “open” doesn’t make it “useful”.
Not to the people who actually need the data for their work.
Like the entrepreneur looking for a middle class neighborhood in which to locate their business.
The urban planner who needs an inexpensive market study.
Or the grant writer for a community development organization who needs to understand how vacancy rates have changed over time.

There are just too many questions to answer.
What is the “right” data to look at?
What software do I need to map, manipulate, and analyze the data?
How can I understand what I am looking at and communicate it with others?
How much time will this take?
How much will it cost?
The answers to these questions lie in PolicyMap.

PolicyMap is the bridge between the vast datasets available and end users.
PolicyMap provides easy access to the right data.
And an online tool to map and analyze the data.
We make this data come to life.

Offering over 15,000 indicators.
It is the largest geo-database on the web.
And a one stop-shop for current demographics, real estate insights, health statistics, job trends and more.

All of this is available in simple, useable maps and tables .
Much is available for free.
The website is designed to create a user experience that fells like the best online shopping sites.
Familiar…reliable…no training needed.
With intuitive and easy to use menus
Full screen maps
Clearly organized information
Fast performance
And a full range of customizable mapping and analytic components.

Put simply, PolicyMap is GIS for the non-GIS professional.

PolicyMap is tomorrow’ community development infrastructure today.

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